Choosing Dog Treats


When I’ve purchased dog treats in the past, it’s been a relatively simple process.  I would put it in front of Murphy’s (my skeptical mini-dachshund’s) nose and wait for him to be the ultimate judge.  But, more recently, as I began to make his treats myself, it became a more complex process.  What can he eat?  What can he not eat?  I know chocolate is bad for dogs, but why do I see it on biscuits sometimes?  Oh…that’s carob!  How easy is that to manipulate? (Hint: it’s not as easy as chocolate!)

So now it’s become less of a simple Murphy taste-test, and more based on who made that treat.  Me?  Another dog bakery (preferably local)?  What kind of ingredients do they use, what’s their mission statement?  Can I trust them with the health of my favorite family member?  And, honestly, did they make an effort to win me over as well as my dog?  One time, I found a 100% pooch-friendly treat from a local dog bakery that looked like a pizza slice!  I couldn’t wait to buy it!  I like when a bakery makes an effort for the humans, as well as the canines. 

What about you, what do you look for when buying dog treats?


photo via the animal blog


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